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14th February 2008

9:46am: Hello Hello Hello :)

 Wow! I haven’t updated this for a while!
So let’s see, what’s new with me?
I gave blood for the first time yesterday! They had a blood drive at school and I’m finally old enough. ‘Twas fun :D I was a little scared when the nurse first poked the needle in my arm, and then had to move it around in there ‘cause the vain kept slipping away from it (which felt really weird) but over all it was pretty cool. I just felt a bit week after.

I’m quite sad that there’s not enough room in my school schedule to be in the school choir next trimester because that’s when they’re doing the songs from Broadway musicals and stuff. :( What if they do Phantom of the Opera?!?! I think I would DIE if I wasn’t able to do that with them! :(

Which reminds me, Phantom’s 20 anniversary was a few weekends ago! I turned on the TV in the morning and they where having a whole big thing about it on the news! It was awesome! Except they just HAD to end the news thingy with talking about the darn sequel, Phantom of Manhattan *gags* That is the worst book on the face of the planet… don’t even get me started… my friends and I despise it. And I’m going to stop talking about that now before I go on a huge rant XD

Oh yes, which ALSO reminds me, I’m taking voice lessons again :D Right now we’re working on the song “Think of Me”. I was so surprised when my teacher pulled that song out. I hadn’t even told her that the Phantom of the Opera was my favorite musical! She was just like, “here, we could do this one..” And I was like *gasp* “Yes!” :D
Although, we’re doing the version with the original lyrics, and I keep getting mixed up with the lyrics from the movie P: I have both versions on my ipod, but I just keep getting them all mixed up while I sing XD

Which reminds me, I got an ipod nano!! Yay!

Let’s see, what else.

I ALMOST tried out for a play… not the school play… but another play. The local youth theater was doing “The Little Mermaid” and I ALMOST tried out. Now I wish I had :( I was just worried because I’m taking ballet again soon and I was afraid that rehearsals for both might fall on the same day. But now I learn that they wouldn’t have. So I feel like I just threw away a great opportunity. *sigh*

So I’m doing back stage crew for the school play now. They’re doing “Steel Magnolia.” We where gunna do “the Diary of Anne Frank” but not enough people tried out because my school is filled with a bunch of preps and jocks who don’t care about the arts :(  It’s mainly only my friends, the band kids, and me who try out.

Random thought… I’m not even in the band… but I’m still considered a band kid because those are the people I hang out with lol XD

Oh yea! One of my friends who hadn’t seen Treasure Planet FINALY saw it!! I’ve been trying to get her to watch it for years! But every time we where gunna watch it, something would come up and one of us would be busy. It was like a curse!
Well, she was babysitting and the kid’s wanted to watch it, so she finally did! And of course she loved it :D We got to talking about it at lunch, and I discovered a few other fans who sit at the table with us XD It was quite amazing :D

Andddd it’s Valentines Day… eh. Kinda depressing when you don’t have anybody P:

Oh yes, and about that boy who thought I was his girlfriend for unknown reasons. Ever since my friend talked to him… he hasn’t said a word to me! Actually he hasn’t even looked at me! I don’t know weather to be relived about that, or to feel bad for him. He must have been pretty embarrassed. Poor guy. He’s just not all that bright.
Last I heard though… he likes another one of my friends… poor girl…

And one more random thing, I saw Sweeney Todd!!! And I loved it!! Who knew that Johnny Depp could sing? lol

Now… I need to go finish an art project :)

12th November 2007

10:43am: School House Rock LIVE!
So we performed all this weekend. Tonight was the last night. I decided to finally sing the high note at the end of my solo "The Tale of Mr. Morton" tonight. The other nights I kept getting chickened out and going for the low note instead. But then my mom pointed out that since it was the last song in the show, the high note would would signify that the show is finished, while the low note gives the feeling that there should be more... So I stopped being lazy and did the high note. Dang it felt good! Then everyone did the happy dance :D

I've decided to ask my Mom if I can have voice lessons again. I took lessons years ago, and I'd really like to start again. Our vocal coach for the musical said I have perfect pitch! Yay! 

I'm starting to consider becoming an actress or a singer... (on stage of coarse)

So after the show, we had a cast party at a Chinese restaurant, and then went to Vg's... just because. We also danced the circulation dance in front of the resteraunt. People we're looking at us like we were crazy. I can't imagine why!

So I'd better go do homework now... darn

oh... I just remembered I have to go to the dentist tomorrow... I hate going to the dentist... Makes me so nervous! and I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled... *cries* I'm scared... i don't think i'm getting them pulled tomorrow, but I am in a few weeks... and then... braces! *gasp!* Oh well, I just wanna get it over with...
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15th October 2007

7:08pm: In God's Hands
There was a boy at my school who has been fighting leukemia for a long time now. This morning over the announcements we were told that he passed away last night. 

It's so strange, he was in my history class. He sat next to me. I didn't really know him, but still. It's hard to believe he's gone.

I wanted to cry when we heard the news about his death. He was so young. He was only a Sophomore. And he was always so nice to everyone. 
I'll be keeping him in my prayers.

11th October 2007

10:29pm: Ok?

Thank God I have awesome friends.

That boy asked me to go somewhere with him... again.
I told him "no.... I can't.... I'm busy..." 
The "busy" part wasn't really the whole truth... but it just came out. I couldn't just leave it at "no", and I didn't have the heart to just plain out tell him I'm not interested in dating him.
 So he followed me and my best friend today after school again. After we split at the door, since I had to go to play practice, he gave me this look like "Why aren't you paying much attention to me???" I felt bad, so I smiled and said "Se ya later," and walked off to rehearsals. I was trembling... I was scared for some reason. My friend walked with him out the door. She called me later and told me that she asked him why he was going around telling people I was his girlfriend when he knows I'm not... she added "You know she's not right?"

apparently he didn't answer her

I kinda feel bad for him, but this whole thing is kind of ridiculous.

I feel kind of cowardly that I couldn't ask him myself, but I know I would never be able to do it. I can get very shy when It comes to stuff like this, and I hate the idea of possibly hurting someones feelings. I am glad my friend asked him... that girl is like my sister, and is VERY protective of me. lol. I don't think she would have allowed this insanity to go on much longer.

I hate this extreme lack of communication... It makes life too complicated... :/ 

We have school off tommarow, so I don't have to worry about seeing him for now.

Monday will be interesting...

Current Mood: worried

10th October 2007

8:48pm: Help!!!
Okay... so the homecoming dance was fun and all, but now I have a HUGE problem. The boy I went with likes me.... a lot. And I don't really like him... He's been following me. Then today I found out that he's been telling people that I'm his girlfriend! What the heck?! I do NOT remember descussing that with him. All I said was that I would go to the dance with him! That was it! and now he thinks I'm his girlfriend!

And my best friend really dislikes him, and she thinks he dislikes her... He throws her dirty looks, and randomly comes up and interupts our conversations, stopping her in mid-sentince! 

I don't know what to do! I'm so confused! How can I tell him that I just don't like him?! I just can't do it! But I know I have to. I really really don't want to hurt his feelings...
Current Mood: stressed

6th October 2007

12:16pm: Homecoming

So, the homecoming dance is tonight! I hadn't planed on going until somebody asked me out last week :) So this week I've been trying to find time to find an outfit to wear. I've been so busy! I got the lead role in the school play, and we only have a month to put it together so I've been really busy with that. Not to mention homework which has been insane lately. So the first time I was able to go shopping was last night before the homecoming game.

Speaking of the homecoming game, I think we lost... But I'm not sure because I had to leave before it ended. But we where loosing when I left... 
The band played "The Music of the Night" at halftime, and they did an absolutely amazing job with it! I actually started crying it was so nice! lol. I'm such a dork XD
My friends in band were really exited about playing that :)

I've been thinking about joining band next year. I mean, I already know how to play the flute, and most of my friends are in band, and they've been bugging me to join for years... plus it seams like a lot of fun. So I think I will. Besides, the band goes to
Disneyworld next year! I could go to Disneyworld! :D

Current Mood: excited

24th September 2007

6:10pm: Yay!!!
Wow! Somehow I managed to get the lead role in the school play!
Current Mood: excited

20th September 2007

6:03pm: I missed it! *smacks forehead*
Talk like a pirate day was on the 18th, wasn't it! I forgot!!! darn it!  :(
Current Mood: surprised

16th September 2007

11:31am: Back to school...

School started again.... two weeks ago. My birthday was the day before i whent back.

We're doing trimesters at my school this year. I didn't think I was going to like it, but it accualy gives us less classes to worry about at a time. Plus now we get more electives, and I only have to take algebra II and chemistry for two trimesters out of three! :D

And now my school has a choir! I'm verry happy about that :D

I also tride out for the school play, "school house rock" the script is VERRY cheesy, but oh well. I'm gunna do it anyway XD 

Current Mood: cheerful

25th August 2007

11:45am: Tornado
There was a tornado here last night. Well, TWO actually
I hate hate HATE tornados!
Luckily it didn't hit my house, but it got part of town pretty bad... houses blown apart, trees and power lines down, flooding... One of the walls on the new Tractor Supply store next to Target collapsed... It's a mess

And It was so scary last night! The rain was coming down in buckets, and the wind was blowing so hard I thought the trees would fall over. I'm surprised they didn't.

The amazing thing about all this is that nobody was hurt.

hehe, I was just thinking... For some reason my Dad always used to say a tornado would never hit here... well Dad, you were WRONG!!!
Current Mood: shocked

3rd June 2007

11:37am: Pirates of the Caribbean 3




ok I'm back.

but holy crap

That movie was freaking awesome

But I'ts KILLING MEEEE!!! ahh!!! I cried! I was like... AHH!!! nooooo!!! and then it was all like awwww! and... and... and then... AHHH!!!

I'm dying here!
Current Mood: shocked

21st April 2007

2:20pm: The Clumsy Custard Horror Show

So, tomorrow the drama club will be putting on the play "The Clumsy Custard Horror Show". We have worked SO hard on it! It's been insane. Time went by so fast, I can't believe that we're actually going to be performing it tomorrow. I'm gunna miss going to rehearsals every day... all my friends are in the drama club with me and I don't have any classes with most of them, so I'm not going to be able to see them that much after this.  That makes me sad, it's always fun putting on a play for an audience, but knowing that it will all be over afterwards is... depressing :(
We always have so much fun in drama club. We're just crazy, one of my friends has like a million pictures and videos of us being idiots... it's awesome. And we SWEAR we have a theater ghost... lol. We named him "The Phantom of the Highschool" XD yes, because he always swings the chandelier, and flashes the lights.... It's creepy... XD and since part of my costume is a white mask, whenever my friends turn around and see me behind them, or see me come out of a dark corner or something, they always freak out and scream. And I'm always like "My God! It's just ME!!" I think we're all just a little too superstitious :)

yesterday there was a dance recital in the auditorium, and since our theater department is just about broke at the moment, and we haven’t gotten a lot of advertising out for our play, my friends and I ran around and gave all the audience members flyers for the play. We also went out in the parking lot and put flyers on everybody’s windshields. When we went to put one on our Project Lead the Way teacher's car he came out of the building and told us he couldn't come anyways so we shouldn't even bother to put one on his car... well... my friend got the idea to wait until he was inside, then to put tones of them ALL OVER his car. So as our teacher walked away, we started running back to his car. But he saw us and yelled "hey! Didn’t I just say not to give me one??" and we where like... "Maybe"... and he says back  "I've got a knife!" and pulls out this HUGE pocket knife! (He was JOKING) but none the less we screamed "OH MY GOD" and ran away. Then once he had gone inside, we littered his car with flyers, but then he came out again and caught us in the act! So we ran away again. Then later on, after more people came and we had to put more flyers on people’s cars, apparently our teacher moved his car to the other side of the parking lot and took the flyers off, because I didn't recognize it and put another one on. But he came out just as I was doing it and shouted "NO! That's MY car!! I've got ten flyers already!!" LOL
Then I stayed for the ballet. It was AMAZING!

This morning was set construction (we REALY waited until the last minute for that...) A few of my friends and I worked on making the organ that goes in Dacron's (the bad guy) lair. It looks AWESOME now! :D In his lair there are also bones and a scull sitting on a shelf... real human bones... It creeps me out...

So, I'm really exited for tomorrow, and most of next week because the show is gunna be going on for a few days :D

Current Mood: excited

17th March 2007

11:54am: ^_^
Happy St. Patrick's day!!! ^_^
Current Mood: calm

12th March 2007

7:17pm: Spring!!!
It's finaly starting to get warm out! i'm so sick of snow and cold...
Current Mood: cheerful

13th February 2007

4:30pm: Of Morphs and Phantom Kitties
Yay!!! the morph and B.E.N plushies I got on eBay finaly arrived!!! *dances* they are SO cute! hehe

So, I had a really weird dream the other night. In my dream, my school drama club was doing the play The Phantom of the Opera. I got the part of Christine. So, we were  rehearsing the Il Muto seen where Christine plays the part of the pageboy. We had never gone over that part before and the directer wouldn't tell us what to do. So none of us knew what we were doing and just started making it up. Then the stage lights, which I happened to be looking straight at, exploded and blinded me. So then I tried to get to my spot at the front of the stage, but went to far and fell right over the edge and landed on my stumach on the floor! I heard the sound of a crowd laughing and I looked up and the whole auditorium was filled with people! I started laughing too, but I was relly confused because this was supposed to be a rehearsal, and there was an audience, and knowbody knew who they all were... haha. The directer started yelling at me to get back on the stage, so i did. 
We started the seen over, but this time, everybody started singing songs that weren't even in the play. The director stopped them and asked them why they were singing those songs and they said it was because sombody was playing the music for it. The Directer asked who was playing the music, and nobody knew.... dundundun... So, we all started to try to find out where the music was coming from and looked everywhere. I looked behind one of the curtans... and low and behold, there was my cat, Bob, playing the music... So I started yelling at him "Bob! what are you doing?? you're messing everyone up!"
 He told me that he was just having some fun. Then he told me to follow him somewhere.. he ended up dragging me down into a tunnel under the school and down to his lair... but halfway down he turned into a mouse, and when his "girlfriend" who was down there saw him, she said "I could never date a mouse!" and left. poor Bob was devistated... 
Yeah. So that dream desturbed me. a lot. Now i can' t even look at my cat without picturing him as the phantom... lol
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28th January 2007

11:43am: Bursitis???

Lucky me
I got butsitis. yay.

It herts like heck when i try to move my left arm... but it 's not as bad as it was on Friday. I could hardly move it at all then.

Current Mood: okay

7th January 2007

11:57am: Wedding Bells ^_^
My cousin got married yesterday! the wedding was beautiful, and of course I cried :) I'm so happy for her!!!!!!!! ^_^
Current Mood: cheerful

27th December 2006

1:27pm: Merry 2 Days after Christmas!!

Yes!! I got a cell phone for Christmas!!!! and it has an MP3 player in it!! yay!!!!! and i also got a snowboard! I can't wait to use it!! and i got The Phantom of the Opera!
And i got photoshop!!! YES!!! now i can finally do some decent artwork on the computer! yay!!

Current Mood: happy

14th December 2006

8:59pm: Old friends ^_^
It's sooo nice to see old friends again! ^_^  I went to my old school's choir concert and saw some of my old friends from middle school :) It was so much fun!  one of my friends who i went to the Good Charlotte concert with gave me  a mixed cd with a bunch of songs I've been wanting to hear and i gave her a cd with the pics from the concert ^_^ It was soooooooo nice to see everbody again!!!! I'm so happy right now :D

9th December 2006

7:47pm: What happend?
tell me how i can have a B in biology one day, and be failing the next... i am really really really really really hateing my biology teacher right now....
Current Mood: angry

5th December 2006

4:10pm: darn clouds
so, Me and the rest of the cast were preforming our play in front of the school for the last time yesterday. During the sceen where Snoopy fights the Red Barren, me and some other people have little sticks with clouds attatched on top that we walk around Snoopy's dog house with. Then we're supposed to go behind the dog house and pick up "fog" fabric, then we walk around the house again and pick up the clouds again. yeah. so as we were all trying to pic up our clouds, two of them colided into my hand at top speed from both directions! Owwww!!! it hurt so much! my fingers started bleeding and i could hardly pick up my clouds again. in the next sceen, i noticed that my middle finger was swelling up. it had a HUGE bump on it and it hurt like heck.
So today my fingers are all black and blue and swellen up. How lovely. I couldn't even fit my fingers in my gloves this morning. yep. so that was my wonderful day.

but the good news is... PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST CAME OUT ON DVD TODAY!!!! yay!!!! I'm so HAPPY!!!!

and oh yeah! I did not forget about Treasure Planet's 4th aniversary last week on November 27th! I wore my TP shirt to school and me and my other friend who loves TP celibrated ^_^
Current Mood: happy

29th November 2006

3:56pm: New Car!!!!!!!!!!
My parents FINOLY got a new car!!!! Yay!!! well, it's a used car but STILL!! our old one was HORRABLE!!! i swear it was gunna break down any day! And this one has a cd player!!! i'm soooo happy!!!!
Current Mood: happy

10th November 2006

12:39pm: Cars DVD
I got the Cars DVD! I'm really happy! ^_^
Current Mood: cheerful

7th November 2006

11:25am: Christmas already?
hmmm. Why is it that i'm already starting to get in the Christmas spirit? I'm sitting here drinking hot chocolate, looking through store advertisements that are already showing Christmas toys and decorations. I can't stop thinking about Christmas trees, and presents, and Christmas parties, and Christmas stories. I want to go Christmas shopping. It's already snowed about three times since October, I have like, a million Christmas songs stuck in my head, and I always seem to have that warm, fuzzy Christmas feeling. What's wrong with me? I mean, IT'S NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING YET!
Current Mood: cheerful
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